Scarlett in a black and white cashmere

NYC Re-Tails And Sales Pet Expo – The Elegant Hare

“The Elegant Hare! OMG! Now I am a big clothing girl for my kids and Margaret Konecky has everything that I could ever want – and it is all Cashmere! Yes, I said it, Cashmere!  Her clothes are awesome! They feel great and look gorgeous. They are one of a kind clothes and you know how much we love that! No one else will be seen wearing what your baby has.”

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“Matilda & FURiends Salute Broadway” Cat Fashion Show

“Playing the dunderheaded football kings Kurt and Ram from cult-movie-turned-Broadway-hit Heathers were the beautiful Savannah cats Lightning and the Bear. In keeping with the play’s high school theme, the cats wore cashmere aquamarine vests with yellow plaid detailing from The Elegant Hare, run by Margaret Konecky, who makes exquisite pet clothing and furniture from recycled human clothing. Lighting and the Bear rested on matching cashmere pillows, also from The Elegant Hare.”

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You must know, I don’t approve of costumes or cat clothing but as I said: cold is my mortal enemy. How could I say no to a cozy one-of-a kind cashmere sweater and matching pillow? Layla met a nice woman,  Margaret K. who made a mid-life decision to create the world’s best handmade cashmere pet fashions. Everything is bespoke of the finest upcycled cashmere. We’re talking super luxury and couture quality. No two items are a like and I was lucky to receive my own. Mine was not made-to-measure but fits well and is dreamy soft in an charming autumnal pattern. It will keep the chill off my old bones as we head towards eeeekkk winter. Layla says she’s never  seen pet fashions of this quality and workmanship. Like all luxury products, they aren’t cheap and will cost about $100+ for a sweater, but aren’t we worth it?

The new company is called The Elegant Hare and they are so new, their website won’t be ready until next week. You can email Margaret at with any questions. They’re already getting press. Click here to see some of the gorgeous designs for cats and dogs.

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